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RTLS Pilot Testing Started January 12, 2013

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Real Time Location System – Major undertaking for hospital and will be a productivity booster for the clinical staff and provide savings on Bio-Medical assets. This implementation process has been a great exercize in team work and innovation.


RTLS – Actually Started September 9, 2012

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Well we have actually started the project – we had a technical kick-off during the middle of August and I am secure in the feeling that the technical team is very impressive as far as the hospital.  On the vendor side, they have not been very impressive.  Some disturbing feed back on some of the other in flight projects has been negative and I have been asked to do some investigative work about the sizing they have provided for hardware requirements. (more on this later)

Because of infectious disease issues that could be caused by any disruption to overheads or internal walls – training for sub-contractors will be required, and as these types of installations will also cause continous monitoring for both patient and contractors as well.

Currently the servers (virtual) are under construction and are expected to be complete by the end of next week.  The setup and installation of system software will occur remotely after the hardware setup has been completed.

System Selection April 6, 2012

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I have been selected to manage a project to select the Enterprise RTLS (Real Time Location System) system that will be the future foundation for all equipment, staff and precious metal tracking for a very large privately owned company.  This company has already installed some processes that use three different vendors that supply application software that interfaces with “partner RTLS hardware”.  Each of these systems were selected by the departments independently without any input, direction or analysis by the Information Systems group,

In this series I will review my discoveries, initial approach, changes in direction (if any (hah)) and development of a vendor selection ranking process.

Some interesting issues to get resolved:

  • What is part that the disappearing IT department will be playing?
  • Vendor, vendor, and vendor – who is the best of the bunch for the enterprise, or is it some new vendor
  • What is the budget and who controls the strings and of course – commitment?

Well – they contracted with me so there is commitment – at least to my base requirement for a minimum of 160 hours to get this process in place.   Stay Tuned



Project Delay – continued March 6, 2012

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This project is critical to the organization because it is the “trail blazer” for 14 other hospitals.  It is a nutritional system that provides benefits for the patients, staff and orginization.

  • Patients can select at bedside the meals they would like – they can only select from the “approved” diet as provided by the doctor
  • The nutritional requirements are monitored and reported as part of the patients electronic medical record
  • The potential for productivity increases and patient satisfaction increase is substantial

With the loss of one of the critical business project team member, it has been decided to extend the project for three months:

  • Technology processes are completed and documented
  • Training resources will be on call
  • Contracting resources to help the staff responsible to start the roll out will be obtained
  • A test system will be retained for any continuation training and to validate before “go live”
  • Project Management will continue on a “as needed” activity, weekly touch points will be scheduled
  • Project documentation to be completed and stored where appropriate.

Demonstration of the system to the other hospitals will be established and the vendor is actively involved.

It is expected that this project will be closed by June.

The implementation of this project to this point has been rated at 5 stars – on a scale of 1 – 6, with 6 being the highest score –

What – a change in direction! February 27, 2012

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Well – I have always said that surprises and new actions are what I look forward to in my professional life. It is after all good for the ego – to be professionaly wanted! Project Managers do not always act like they can handle immediate and urgent professional requirements very well – because after all – ” a little bit of planning = a chance for (some) success” jumping into the malstrom without planning is a rush into risk nirvana – Well be carefull on what you wish for. I will be sharing what I can from an assignment that I am going on, but there are certainly controls on what I can share.

Vendor Frustration – Continued February 23, 2012

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So – how bad can it get?  The customer is willing to wait for our vendor to get a Project Manager assigned, but when informed that the required resources to support this project will now not be available until the middle of March – (perhaps) they were understandably upset.  To understand this issue, the resources are a combination of employees and contracted help – all of who have many assignments and are considered fully loaded at 24 hours for any new process – projects assigned.  They as you can assume also have production support requirements.

Also to consider – this is a fiscal year budgeted project – and yes the fiscal year ends 6/30, which means that several approval steps may now be required unless the vendor can step up and do more than they have indicated.

Well as you can see there are now several issues and the risk level of several processes will also become issues that upper management will need to address and provide some insights and direction for the actions that are required to take place.

Look at Personal Risk as Well February 18, 2012

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Sometimes when I am going on an assignment I get so caught up in what I am about to do – I do not take the time to consider what my risks may be!

  1. Do I have all my equipment – certainly the appropriate parts – with me and properly working?
  2. Is all of my software up to date?
  3. What is my contingency plan for equipment failure?
  4. Batteries – where are the batteries?  What kind and how many?
  5. Have I loaded the reference and background information I need?  (I use Dropbox) – have I validated that it is all there?

These I know are simple – and even “DUH” items, but to maintain a professional appearance it is important that we all take time and review.

If it is a group that I have only met on the phone – or “shudder” never before – then I do put together an elevator speech to use as needed.

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