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RTLS Implementation – Issues February 27, 2013

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As I write this I will be as always asking for your help and advice!
This RTLS Hospital system was implemented with the idea that all employees would have access – this capabilty is easily provided because access is provided via the employee portal.  But it is important to know that this vendor does not have LDAP capabilty – and questionable capability to provide.
They do provide the service to load the initial group of users (6, 000) but when asked for the script that would allow the hospital to use this script for continuing user maintenance.  Why? Because by adding – modification of users could in some way cause a major data
base failure.


RTLS Hospital Implementation February 15, 2013

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Well we have provided the complete infrastructure to support the specific RTLS equipment for full coverage of the clinical areas.  We have two slelected Pilot areas that have been completed and have proved that the system does work as needed and expected.  The critical department is the Emergency Department. They need to know exactly where critical equipment is located. The RTLS system provides the location instantly and its specific location.

Along with the Pilot areas we also had to
be sure that the service (help desk) was fully in tune and trained on what this system did and it’s basic functions. We don’t expect many if any calls from end-users because the system is very intuitive.
We will be asking the Pilot areas to approve their implementation formally early next week.

We are committed to finishing the public training this weekend to allow the weekend clinical workers access and knowledge.

Overall the project is under budget and on schedule.

Risk – current flu season! January 14, 2013

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Did you allow for this issue in your project plan?  What was you contingency for time slippage?
Most of the time having a 15% allowance is very comfortable – but now the additional factors that are a threat to the schedule is global in nature.
If you have not negotiated an extension you better get your game face on and lay out all of the various factors!

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