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RTLS- Asset Tracking Hospital December 13, 2012

Posted by Russ Arnett in RTLS - Hospital Application.
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We are finaly at the stage of preparing for “Pilot Testing”.  The major underlying infrastructre has been completed, cable, switches and VLAN – port requirements.  This system relies on having collectors and beacons installed and activiated.  The collectors have all been installed – but the beacons are at about 20% because of the need to obtain access to both the patient rooms and surgury operating areas.   Both of these areas require strict infection control proceures – as well as in any occupied patient rooms, permission from the patient as well.

This is a system that is “owned” by the Bio-Medical department – and is fully supported and maintained by the vendor.  My approach is that from the ultimate daily user it is an IT system – (after all you use a computer!) and any issues or problems will be addressed to two areas – Applications and/or the Service desk.  So it is critcal that both of these areas are current and in tune of where the project is in the cycle – as well as the potential impact that it may have.

My inital area within the IT area is the security group, because of the need to control user access and role assignment, as well as all related procedures it that area.  I will provide updates later as we progress, and I welcome your comments and questions.

Current status 1/12/2013.

During the Pilot Evaulation Survey – I discovered that there was many low end pC’s (400) of which several (200+) may need to be used as the devices to view the flow of the assets through the hospital.  We have set up a testing lab and will start a series of tests next week.  The application does provide graphical processes so memory may be the main issue.  Also as we all know new challenges have came up – one of which is the use of tablets for this applications – if the tablet can use “Flash” them no problem – if not well…

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