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RTLS – Implementation Started October 15, 2012

Posted by Russ Arnett in RTLS - Hospital Application.
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TeleTracking is the selected vendor – and they are a professional and knowledgeable vendor!  The basics have been completed which was to:

  • Identify and obtain the required server hardware – this system can use virtual server
  • Validate the technical requirements – great documentation that can be shared as needed with end-users
  • Obtain storage area for TeleTracking devices
  • Convert the Assets into spreadsheet format from the in-house Asset Tracking System (AIMS)

The next steps will to provide training on how to tag the various devices and do some actual activites with the hospital group so they understand and can fully participate.

While the above is in progress, the cable vendor is working its way through the hospital:

  • Installing cable
  • Installing Beacons
  • Installing Collectors

The installation activities will go through December, but as a section is completed, TeleTracking will do remote diagnostics to vallidate connectivity and equipment functioning.

A specific pilot is planned for the week of 10/22 – dependent on the capability of TeleTracking having the access to install a database instance on the hospitals server – (more later)

The project team so far has been working well together and all aspects of the project is meeting schedule and cost budgets.

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