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System Selection April 6, 2012

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I have been selected to manage a project to select the Enterprise RTLS (Real Time Location System) system that will be the future foundation for all equipment, staff and precious metal tracking for a very large privately owned company.  This company has already installed some processes that use three different vendors that supply application software that interfaces with “partner RTLS hardware”.  Each of these systems were selected by the departments independently without any input, direction or analysis by the Information Systems group,

In this series I will review my discoveries, initial approach, changes in direction (if any (hah)) and development of a vendor selection ranking process.

Some interesting issues to get resolved:

  • What is part that the disappearing IT department will be playing?
  • Vendor, vendor, and vendor – who is the best of the bunch for the enterprise, or is it some new vendor
  • What is the budget and who controls the strings and of course – commitment?

Well – they contracted with me so there is commitment – at least to my base requirement for a minimum of 160 hours to get this process in place.   Stay Tuned



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